Trailer System

The UK's most trusted Forensic Security Marking System for your Trailer.


Thieves know that it is relatively easy to change the identity of a trailer, and there are many organised gangs who are able to steal the vehicle from your driveway in minutes! Thieves frequently target trailers because they are quick and easy to steal and not easily identified. Sometimes the trailer is only taken for its load, e.g. yacht or personal watercraft.

The Datatag system consists of multi-layered security marking technologies which in combination are designed to deter theft and also provide irrefutable proof of ownership. Even if  criminals remove the visible warning identifications they will never be able to find and remove all the covert technologies hidden around the trailer.

Once thieves see the Datatag warning decals on your trailer they usually go looking for an easier target as they realise that being caught red-handed with Datatagged property means they will be prosecuted.

System contains;

  • Visible and stealth identification technology marks your whole trailer
  • Tamper evident visible ID plates
  • RFID electronic transponders or tags
  • Datadot® microdot security system
  • Datatag DNA - a true forensic chemical DNA

Easy to install and simple online registration Datatag helps to stop your trailer being stolen and helps police identify owners when recovered.

Why fit it?

The Datatag system gives true confirmation of ownership with registration specific to you

  • Acts as a true deterrent to theft
    (thieves will generally target 4x4 / Cars that don’t have Datatag fitted)
  • Aids the Police in recovery and importantly identification of vehicle ownership
    (4x4s, especially Land Rover Defenders, are heavily targeted and hundreds are stolen each year with many never returned to their rightful owners - a Datatag system can overcome this by providing undeniable proof through numerous ID technologies)

Unique benefits of having the system installed on your 4x4 / Car

  • Lifetime protection / One low cost / NO hidden or monthly fees
    (the Datatag technologies never ‘wear out’ meaning your 4x4 is always protected and Datatag does not have any subscription so the one off cost is the only thing you’ll have to pay for)
  • Easy transfer of ownership
    (one simple form is all it takes for a new owner to amend the vehicle record with Datatag and their secure database, accessible to police 24/7, is updated)

System contents: 

  • Self Adhesive Flat Tag Transponder 
  • Datadots®/DNA 
  • Trailer ID Plates

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