Initial Registration

When you receive your Datatag system, it will come with instructions for both fitting and registering it.

Registration is critical to the success of the Datatag system: without submitting your details, we aren't able to show that the asset you have marked belongs to you.

Don't worry - we don't use registration details for marketing purposes; it's just in case the asset is stolen.

If you have any problems registering the system, you can call our registration team on 0345 0700 440 for help.

Re-Registration / Change of Registered Keeper

If you have purchased an asset that has Datatag on it, you'll need to get in touch to make sure the registration is put into your name. This is so that we have your details on our secure database - in the event that your asset is stolen, we'll be able to confirm that it's yours.

You can do this by calling our registration team on 0345 0700 440.

Alternatively, you can send us your details online, and we'll be in touch: Re-Register / Change of Keeper