Marking System for Agricultural GPS Survey Equipment

The UK's most trusted forensic marking and theft deterrent systems for GPS Survey Equipment.


What is it?

The Datatag GPS marking system consists of multiple layers of technology including stealth UV etching, as well as our Datadot® microdot security system including Datatag DNA a true forensic chemical DNA and a pair of tamper evident visible ID plates to deter the thief.

Datatag is designed to covertly and overtly mark your GPS equipment for life. Once thieves see the Datatag warning decals on your system they usually go looking for an easier target as they realise that being caught red-handed with Datatagged property means they will be prosecuted.

  • Visible and stealth identification technology marks the GPS Receiver and Control Display Panel
  • Easy to install and simple online registration

Why fit it?

Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment are expensive pieces of kit which are easily accessible to thieves. An increasing number of thefts have been reported to the police as stolen however lack of identification marks make it difficult to for the units to be identified correctly.

This system gives you true identification of ownership with registration specific to you

  • Acts as a true deterrent to theft
    (thieves will generally target equipment that don’t have Datatag fitted)
  • Aids the Police in recovery and identification of ownership
    (Vast numbers of GPS Survey Equipment gets stolen each year and most are never returned to their rightful owners - a Datatag system can overcome this problem)

Unique benefits of having the system installed on your GPS Survey Equipment

  • Potential insurance premium saving
    (many insurance companies offer reductions when fitted with Datatag)
  • Lifetime protection / One low cost / NO hidden or monthly fees
  • Easy transfer of ownership

Please note this is not a GPS tracker.

System Type Contents

  • Tamper Evident Warning Label with QR Code
  • Stealth UV Stencil
  • Ultra Destruct ID Labels with UV Etching
  • Etch Fluid
  • Datadots® with Datatag Forensic DNA

Datatag Technology

The Datatag System contains the following state of the art technology:

"Stealth" UV Etch

The Datatag system contains a UV "stealth" etch to permanently mark your GPS Receiver. The unique, almost invisible UV etching system forms a major part of the theft deterrent and subsequent identification (image shown under UV light).


Ultra Destruct ID Labels with UV Etching

These unique tamper evident ultra destruct warning labels feature a unique number which uses stealth UV etching. This unique number is permanently etched even if the label is damaged or removed. These labels protect both the GPS Receiver and Control Display Panel.


Ultimate TE Label with QR Code

This specially designed Datatag tamper evident label contains a unique identification number and QR code. They warn off any potential thieves and are both attractive and impossible to remove without damage. These labels protect both the GPS Receiver and Control Display Panel.



Developed for ease of application these microscopic Datadots® can be applied to any surface, thus making it virtually impossible for the criminals to locate and remove them all. The Datadots®, held in a UV trace silicon glue, can be used to mark both the GPS Receiver and Control Display Panel.


Fitting Instructions

Download Instructions: Click for PDF

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